Our Work

The Water Institute’s technical team strives to improve our collective understanding of natural and human aspects of coastal, riverine, and urban water management systems; to develop methods, models, and tools to aid in the restoration of communities and ecosystems; and to reduce risk for habitats, people, and infrastructure.

Our Research Areas are distinct, but the Water Institute's work thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration both internally between subject matter experts, and externally with partners, stakeholders, and communities.


Research Areas


Recent Projects
FEMA Cooperating Technical Partners Special Project: Flood Insurance Public Service Announcements

The Institute is a FEMA Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) for FEMA Region 6 and the State of Louisiana. The Institute’s CTP Program Management activ...

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Recent Reports
Identifying Sediment Sources and Optimizing Placement of Dredge Material to Protect Critical Infrastructure – Port of Lake Charles

This report covers data collection, analysis, and modeling conducted by The Water Institute of the Gulf (the Institute) in the Calcasieu Ship Channel ...

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Recent Publication
Influence of antecedent geology on the Holocene formation and evolution of Horn Island, Mississippi, USA

Horn Island, one of the two most stable barriers along the Mississippi-Alabama chain (Cat, East and West Ship, Horn, West Petit Bois, Petit Bois, and ...

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