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The Water Institute Participates in Global Restoration Conference

Jul 29, 2014

Baton Rouge, La. — The Water Institute of the Gulf is excited to announce its participation at the 2014 Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem Restoration (CEER) in New Orleans, La.

The Institute has a number of team members presenting their research throughout the course of the conference.

On Tuesday, July 29, Chief Scientist Denise Reed will be presenting “Striving for System Change: Setting Objectives and Measuring Response,” and our director of human dimensions, Craig Colten, will be presenting “Scenario Building Workshops” during the “Involving Stakeholders in Planning for Restoration-Rationale, Constraints, Innovation and Best Practices” session.

On Wednesday, July 30, Director of Natural Systems Modeling Ehab Meselhe will speak on sediment availability and delivery for land building in the Mississippi River.

On Thursday, July 31, Mead Allison, director of physical processes and sediment systems, will present “Key Controls on Sediment Budgeting in the Mississippi River from Source to Sink.” Lastly, Research Associate Ryan Clark will speak about The Water Institute’s Coastal Innovation Partnership Program.

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